Tarocchi Fine Dalla Torre: XVII Century Tarot of Bologna

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Tarocchi Fine Dalla Torre: XVII Century Tarot of Bologna


Historical tarot


78 cards + 10 postcards and a signed, numbered print and a signed, numbered edition card in a large, 2-piece wooden box with a sliding cover.

The cards are rectangular, measuring 7.2 cm wide x 15.1 cm long.

The card stock is uncoated, and the corners are square. This is not a deck intended for standard shuffling methods.

The card back design is non-reversible.

No guidebook is provided with this set, and it seems intended to be an art object, not a working deck.

Justice is 8 and I think Strength is 11, but it's not a typical depiction of Strength (there's no lion or animal in the image). The Fool is numbered 22.

The suits are not named, but the suit symbols are recognizable as Cups, Batons, Coins, and Swords. Likewise, the court cards are not titled, but they appear to fit within a Page, Knight, Queen, and King structure.

The minor arcana are pips. The Cups and Coins cards are fairly plain, while the Batons and Swords cards are more fully illustrated.

Note: The card measurements that are listed on Arnell's Art site (see link below) differ notably from my measurements. I have re-measured my cards several times and they are defintely 7.2 cm wide by 15.1 cm long.


Poltronieri, Morena (editor)


Museo Internazionale dei Tarocchi


2016 (1st edition)


78 cards






1st edition. Limited edition of 200 decks; this set is #12 of a limited, numbered, signed special edition of 30.

The deck itself is not signed, but the set includes a numbered, signed "special edition" card as well as a numbered, signed large print of the Fool card.


Poltronieri, Morena (editor), “Tarocchi Fine Dalla Torre: XVII Century Tarot of Bologna,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed July 23, 2024, http://tarot.zerosummer.org/items/show/394.

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