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Q: Are the scanned images enhanced or altered in any way?

A: No. All I do is straighten and crop the images, then resize them down to a manageable size. I don't apply any type of "autofix" or other filters in the photo editing software.

However, I have noticed that the scanner does a better job than the human eye of parsing the details of a dark image. In other words, if a card has a lot of black and dark colors without a lot of contrast, the scanned image may show sharper, clearer contrast than I can see with my own eyes.

Q: Are the scanned images true to size?

A: No. Card measurements are provided in each record, though.

Q: Where do you get the physical descriptive information for each deck?

A: All of the information is based on decks in my own collection, and I do not copy/paste physical descriptions from any other source. I take my own measurements using a small measuring tape. Admittedly, I may make mistakes occasionally--if you spot measurements that don't look right, or other descriptive information that doesn't make sense, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Q: I'm a librarian/scholar/curator, and your Dublin Core information doesn't make sense. Are you following established conventions?

A: I'm not trained in Dublin Core classification, so no doubt my records diverge considerable from those standards. I'm happy to learn more about Dublin Core, though, as I'd like for my records to be consistent as well as useful for other scholars and collectors.

Q: Do you attempt to buy a copy of every deck that comes out?

A: No, far from it. There are certain types of decks I lean towards buying, and other types that I almost never buy.

On my "Buy" list are:

  • Black & white decks
  • Non-Photoshopped photographic decks
  • Rider-Waite-Smith variants and clones
  • Art decks
  • Cat-themed decks
  • Collaborative decks
  • Historical decks and reproductions (Tarot of Marseille, Visconti, Vachetta, Etteilla, and others)
  • Decks featuring cities and urban life

On my "Avoid" list are:

  • Angel-themed decks
  • Unicorn-themed decks
  • Self-help and empowerment-themed decks
  • Heavily Photoshopped decks
  • Decks with very New Age-y art (swirling pastels, serenely smiling women in flowing robes, and so on)
  • Weirdly-shaped decks that come across as marketing gimmicks
  • Decks with prurient nudity (drawn, painted, photographed, or otherwise)
  • Tarock decks (designed specifically for game-playing)
  • Non-tarot oracles