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Understanding my tagging system

Many of the tags I use are self-explanatory--for example, a deck tagged with 20th century was published in the 20th century. But my shorthand for tracking prices and storage locations bears further explanation:

Price Range: These tags are intended to reflect what I initially paid, not a deck's current estimated value. Once I have purchased a deck, I don't often follow its pricing trajectory on the second-hand market unless I know it to be rare or highly sought after. As a reminder, nothing on my site is for sale, period.

In some instances I still have my original records of payment; other times I am estimating based on memory. If I truly have no idea, then I won't tag the record with a purchase value. All amounts are in USD unless otherwise indicated.

Tag Explanation Definition
$ Inexpensive Less than $20
$$ Mid-range $20-49
$$$ Pricey $50-79
$$$$ Expensive $80-120
$$$$* High end Over $120
$$$$** Investment Over $500

Location: These tags reflect where a deck is located in my collection, so that I can find a deck easily when needed. Many records don't yet have locator tags; I'm adding these over time.

Tag Location
3d1-3d3 3d1, 3d2, and 3d3 refer to the 3 drawers in the chest that sits under the small, sliding-glass front bookcase.
cc1-cc9 Tags cc1 through cc9 refer to the 9 drawers in the card catalog.
lsc This is my shorthand for the Lo Scarabeo cabinet, a small storage cabinet that contains only LS decks.
tws This is my shorthand for the enormous tall white shelf.
locA Lighted brown shelf/cabinet without glass doors.
locB Lighted brown shelf/cabinet with glass doors.
locC Corner shelf that matches the lighted cabinets. 
locD1 The upper portion of the small, sliding-glass bookcase on top of the 3-drawer chest.
locD2 The bottom portion of the small, sliding-glass front bookcase.
locE Middle brown shelf, the one that was refinished and customized.
locG Corner built-in shelves and drawer.
locT Tall brown shelf (not lighted; no doors).
locW The wine rack that isn't really a rack -- it has little cubicles that are great for storing decks.