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This is a database containing records of decks in my personal collection. I'm still in the early stages of putting this together. My collection contains over 600 decks, and so far, only about two hundred are listed here. But I'm working on adding more day by day.

Please note that I am not attempting to make any money off this site, I will never make full deck scans available, and I am always making by best attempt to give credit to all artists, authors, and publishers. Likewise, whenever an entry includes a quotation from elsewhere, I am taking care to give credit to the original author/source.

If you are an artist or publisher who spots your work here and is uncomfortable with the high-resolution scans, please let me know -- I can simply switch an entry from "public" to "personal" and thus pull it from public view. Or I would be happy to change the public entry to one with smaller scans, fewer scans, or scans with a copyright watermark (if you send me the images).

I have been collecting decks since January 2005, when I picked up a handful of U.S. Games decks that were on a clearance shelf in a local bookstore. I got home and looked through them, then started searching for information online about tarot decks and reading tarot cards. (While I already owned a couple of decks, I'd never used them much.)

In the course of my search, I found Aeclectic Tarot, and there was no going back from there . . .

~ Laura Osborne