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Tarot of Brass & Steam


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78 cards + a small explanatory booklet in a cardboard tuckbox. The box is fairly flimsy and easily damaged during ordinary handling. I've removed the cards and put them back in the box only twice so far, and yet part of the box is already coming unglued. A softcover companion book also accompanied the set.

Cards measure 5.5" tall x 3" wide.

The card stock is very lightly glossy, smooth, and somewhat flexible. The cards are a little bit slippery to handle, and just slightly larger than average -- even with my large hands, I'd find this deck challenging to riffle shuffle.

The cards are borderless, and the backs are reversible.

Justice is VIII and Strength is XI. The Fool is numbered 0. 

The suits are Swords, Wands, Cups, and Disks. The court cards are Princess, Knight, Queen, and King.

Though the major arcana and the court cards are richly illustrated, the minor arcana are just pips, with a different background image for each suit, and the number in the center of the card. 

The accompanying booklet doesn't state whether or not the artist was inspired by, or attempting to follow, any specific tradition or pattern, but I see slightly more Thoth influence here than RWS.

Why? The first clue is the naming of the suits and court cards -- using Disks instead of Coins or Pentacles, and using Princess instead of Page. The second clue is in the card meanings listed in the guide booklet, which are closer to the that of the Thoth than the RWS.

However, the art is doing its own thing in the major arcana, and the pips are plain, so I would not call this a Thoth-style deck.

This deck was initially funded and marketed via a Kickstarter campaign that began in 2016. I was a backer at the $30 level (for 1 copy of the deck and the companion book).

The companion book (124 pages, softcover) does more justice to the art than the cards do, in my opinion. The addition of the appendix containing alternate card art is a nice touch, too.

Note: My own name appears in the list of Kickstarter backers on page 122 of the companion book.


Matuskey, Edward (creator)
Boca, Alex (artist)
Gilette, Brooke (artist)
Albu, Alexandra (artist)
Birtea, Oana (artist)


Evocative Experiments LLC


© 2018


The Guide to the Tarot of Brass & Steam: Special Edition by Edward Matuskey, 1st edition, 2018. This is a 124-page softcover companion book to the deck.


78 cards




Plain pips


ISBN 978-0999757604
ISBN 978-0999757611 (companion book)


Matuskey, Edward (creator) et al., “Tarot of Brass & Steam,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed April 23, 2024, http://tarot.zerosummer.org/items/show/336.

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