Tarot of Druids

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Tarot of Druids


Druids and druidism
Mythology, Celtic


78 cards + a title card and an advertising card + an LWB in a standard cardboard tuck box.

Cards measure 12 cm tall x 6.6 cm wide. The card stock is very flexible, with a smooth, mostly-matte finish. This deck could easily be riffle-shuffled.

The card back design is reversible.

In keeping with the deck's theme, the major arcana have been renamed. As noted in the LWB, "the Major Arcana are inspired by ancient Irish traditions and are divided into five cycles: Mythological, heroic, historical, Ossianic, and adventurous." 

Because of this, it's hard to tell at times which card is aligned with which "traditional" major. For example, I found it hard at first glance to discern that VIII, titled Ogma, is representing Strength -- it wasn't until I saw the character's headdress that I was sure. Likewise, it's hard to connect the image of Conchobar (XI) with Justice at first glance. The LWB muddies the waters at times rather than helping, as you can see on pages 6 and 7, where both the words "strength" and "justice" are used in the description of card VIII. The Fool, titled Fintan mac Bochra, is numbered 0.

The minors are fully scenic, and seem to follow the RWS tradition, though sometimes with significant variance.

The art style is very cartoonish in a way that, to my eye, works to the detriment of the theme and the usability of the deck. The art is skilled and consistent, to be sure; it just doesn't come off looking like a workable tarot deck to me.


Lupatelli, Antonio, 1930-2018 (artist)
Baraldi, Severino (artist)
Berti, Giordano (author)
Vigna, Bepi, 1957- (author)


Lo Scarabeo


© 2004


78 cards


Multiple languages


Mixed / RWS


ISBN 978-0738705170


Lupatelli, Antonio, 1930-2018 (artist) et al., “Tarot of Druids,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed July 12, 2024, http://tarot.zerosummer.org/items/show/330.

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