Tarot de Marseille de Paul Marteau - Edition limitée Grimaud 90 ans

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Tarot de Marseille de Paul Marteau - Edition limitée Grimaud 90 ans


Tarot de Marseille
Historical decks


78 cards + an informational card + an advertising card with a guide booklet in a 2-part, blue, lidded cardboard box.

The cards measure 12 cm tall x 6.3 cm wide. The card stock is smooth and flexible, with a matte finish.

The card backs are completely reversible.

La Justice is VIII and La Force (Strength) is XI. Le Mat (The Fool) is unnumbered. 

Suits and court cards all follow typical Tarot of Marseille naming conventions. Likewise, the minor arcana are illustrated in the TdM fashion.

Paul Marteau based his designs on the Nicolas Conver 1760 Tarot of Marseille. To my knowledge, Grimaud first published the Marteau TdM in 1930.

Accurate and complete information for this deck is challenging to pin down, as there have been multiple releases over the years, and dates on a deck's box and materials may differ from what is on the cards.

These cards have a copyright date of 1980 printed along their borders, but this deck set is a 2019 release. I'm unclear about whether any changes at all have been made to the art since 1980.

Though the box and booklet identify this as a limited edition, I cannot find any information regarding how many of these sets were released as part of this edition.

For some useful information regarding the history of the Marteau TdM, see this resource: Tarot of Marseille history.

Note: There's an ISBN on the bottom of the box, but when I try looking up the deck with this number, I don't find any relevant results. Hence, I didn't include it as an identifier in this record.


Marteau, Paul
Berno, Simone (author of the guide booklet)






78 cards






Marteau, Paul and Berno, Simone (author of the guide booklet), “Tarot de Marseille de Paul Marteau - Edition limitée Grimaud 90 ans,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed April 23, 2024, http://tarot.zerosummer.org/items/show/319.

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