Girl's Guide to Tarot

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Girl's Guide to Tarot


Childhood and friendship


78 cards + a 64 page softcover guide book, packaged together in a sturdy cardboard shelf box with a hinged cover and a magnetic closure. The cards are also inside their own tuckbox, which fits inside the larger set box. The set also includes a purple, polyester spreadcloth or scarf.

The cards measure 6 cm wide x 11.5 cm long. The card stock is very flexible, with a high-gloss coating that makes the cards prone to stick together at first (though they are easily separated).

The card back design is non-reversible.

Strength is VIII and Justice is XI. The Fool is numbered 0.

Suits are Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. The court cards are Page, Knight, Queen, and King.

The minor arcana are scenic and follow the RWS quite closely.

For what appears to be a "gift shop" tarot set, this is a surprisingly fun, fresh take on an RWS-style deck. The art is colorful and child-friendly.

Of note: This set has a copyright date of 2009, but the companion book was initially published on its own in 2002. The book that accompanies the set is an abridged version of the original copy from 2002.

The original retail price on the back of the box is $12.95 USD. I paid about half that amount for it on clearance.


Olmstead, Kathleen (author)
Stüwe, Mark (artist)


Sterling Innovation (an imprint of Sterling Publishing, New York)


© 2009


78 cards






ISBN 978-1-4027-6448-6


Olmstead, Kathleen (author) and Stüwe, Mark (artist), “Girl's Guide to Tarot,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed April 16, 2024,

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