African American Tarot

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African American Tarot


African tribal myth and lore
African American history


78 cards + a title card and advertising card + an LWB in a standard cardboard tuck box.

The cards measure 12 cm tall x 6.6 cm wide. The card stock is very flexible, with a smooth, matte finish. This deck could easily be riffle-shuffled without damage.

The card back design is fully reversible.

Strength is VIII and Justice is XI. The Fool is numbered 0. 

Suits are Chalices, Pentacles, Wands, and Swords. The court cards are Knave, Knight, Queen, and King.

The minor arcana are scenic and primarily follow the RWS system. The LWB explains how the thematic elements are intended to work together in each card, melding African myth/culture with African American history. (I scanned two pages from the LWB as an example.)

Now that I've given the physical dimensions and description of this deck, I want to point out that despite its name, this is not a deck focused on African American life and culture. It seems to be more of an attempt at depicting African tribalism, myth, and lore. Some of the minor arcana cards have a "moment in African American history" patched into the background, but the attempt at merging the two themes/styles comes out as awkward and disjointed. 

So if you are seeking a deck that effectively depicts African American life and history, or an inclusive deck that depicts people of color in an authentic and contemporary way -- look elsewhere.


Davis, Thomas (artist)
Jamal R (writer)


Lo Scarabeo


© 2007


78 cards


Multiple languages




ISBN 978-0738711744



Davis, Thomas (artist) and Jamal R (writer), “African American Tarot,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed June 23, 2024,

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