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Lost Code of Tarot


Occult codes


80 cards + a 158 page softcover guidebook in a sturdy, hinged cardboard set box with a magnetic closure.

The deck includes the usual 78 cards, plus two additional cards, one placed at the start of the deck and one at the end, which are not named, numbered, or explained.

The cards measure 12 cm tall x 6.6 cm wide. 

The cards have a lightly glossy finish. The cardstock is sub-standard, and could be damaged if riffle-shuffled. It's just a bit too stiff, and without adequate flexiblility.

The card backs are completely reversible. 

None of the cards are given titles or numbers in a tradtional sense, though it is possible to discern which card is which.

Markings on the major arcana do a fair job of mimicking roman numerals. Justice is 8 and Strength is 11. The Fool is 0. 

The suits aren't named, but they are represented by symbols of Cups, Dragons (curled into circles), Clubs, and Swords. Likewise, the court cards aren't titled, but seem to be the usual Page, Knight, Queen, and King.

The minor arcana are decorative pips.

The companion book, The Book of Shadows: The Lost Code of the Tarot, is a cross between a decoding aid and a book of shadows -- it doesn't offer a traditional guide to identifying and reading the cards.

The set box adds to the overall mysterious air, in that it is all black (albeit with some decoration), and has no identifying information on it.

This set was initially marketed and funded through a Kickstarter campaign that launched in 2015; I was a backer at the $45 level (for one copy of the deck and book set). The deck and book are also related to a film project by Andrea Aste.

Note: The copyright date listed on the rear title page in the companion book is 2015; however, information online about the set frequently gives a date of 2016. This may be a simple difference between the copyright year and the year of distribution.


Aste, Andrea


Lo Scarabeo


© 2015 / 2016


80 cards






ISBN 978-0738749815


Aste, Andrea, “Lost Code of Tarot,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed April 21, 2024, https://tarot.zerosummer.org/items/show/340.

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