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78 cards + a title card + an advertising card with a LWB in a cardboard tuck box.

Cards measure 12 cm tall x 6.6 cm wide. The card stock is very flexible with a smooth, semi-matte finish. This deck could be easily riffle-shuffled without damage.

The card back design is fully reversible.

Strength is VIII and Justice is XI. The Fool is numbered 0.

Suits are Chalices, Pentacles, Wands, and Swords. The court cards are Knave, Knight, Queen, and King.

The minor arcana are scenic in the RWS tradition, though this deck is not a clone.

As is common in many Lo Scarabeo decks, the cards titles are multi-lingual. The English titles are printed at the tops of the cards, with titles in 4 additional languages (Italian, Spanish, French, and German) appearing along the bottom borders.

On a personal note, though I disliked this deck in the years after it was first published, I've warmed to it now. Looking back at it for the first time in years, I'm struck by how talented the artist is, and how consistent this deck is. There are many fey and fairy-themed decks out there, but few are as original and readable as this one.

A note about the publication date: I've found two different dates of publication for this deck in various sources online: 2002 and 2004. On the back of the LWB, the copyright date is given as 2002, but I suspect that either the 78 card, mass-market release of the deck did not take place until 2004 or that there were 2 different printings.

I don't have documented proof of this, but I was just starting to collect tarot decks in 2005, and I remember a lot of buzz and conversation about this deck, as if it had only recently been released. A 2004 release checks out with what was normally the pattern of distribution for LS decks -- that a new deck would be available in European markets first, and then available in the U.S. about 6 to 9 months later.

On the other hand, Diane Wilkes of Tarot Passages very clearly notes that this was a 2002 release.


Aghem, Mara (artist)
Minetti, Riccardo (author)


Lo Scarabeo


2002 / 2004


78 cards






ISBN 978-0738706528



Aghem, Mara (artist) and Minetti, Riccardo (author), “Fey Tarot,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed April 23, 2024, https://tarot.zerosummer.org/items/show/316.

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