Tarot Renacentista de Giovanni Vacchetta

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Tarot Renacentista de Giovanni Vacchetta


Historical tarot


78 cards in a standard cardboard tuck box + a 249 page softcover companion book in Spanish, housed together in a larger cardboard set box. No title card. No LWB.

Cards measure 12 cm tall x 6.3 cm wide.

The card stock is marvelous -- very flexible, with a lightly glossy finish.

Backs are fully reversible.

La Justicia is 8 and La Fuerza is 11. El Loco is numbered 0.

Suits are Oros, Copas, Espadas, and Bastos. Courts are Sota, Caballo, Reina, and Rey.

The minors are beautifully illustrated and evocative, but not fully scenic.

The text on the back of the deck box, companion book, and set box is all identical -- thus, I've scanned only the smaller deck box (the other parts of the set are shown in the photo).

Both the deck box and the set box are slightly sub-standard in construction; the deck box is already coming unglued, despite careful and only occasional handling. Also, after opening the set, the book and deck don't really "fit" back into the larger box in any useful way. (Note for myself -- I keep the set box folded flat in the box with the others.)

The ISBNs on the deck box and set box differ slightly (both are listed here). The book has no ISBN.

No date/year of publication appears in or on the deck, deck box, companion book, or set box. I purchased my copy in 2013, and Amazon lists it as having been published in 2013 (specifically, available on April 1, 2013). Amazon.com currently lists this set as available for $30.87 USD.


White, Julian M. (author)
Elizarrarás, Guillermo D. (colorist for this edition)
Vacchetta, Giovanni (original artist)




Sirio, Spain


n.d. [Amazon.com lists as 2013]


Tarot Renacentista de Giovanni Vacchetta by Julian M. White -- 249 page, softcover companion book. Illustrations in black and white.


78 cards






978-83-7808-852-2 (ISBN on the set box)
978-84-7808-842-3 (ISBN on the deck box)


White, Julian M. (author), Elizarrarás, Guillermo D. (colorist for this edition), and Vacchetta, Giovanni (original artist), “Tarot Renacentista de Giovanni Vacchetta,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed July 23, 2024, https://tarot.zerosummer.org/items/show/281.

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