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Stolen Child Tarot


William Butler Yeats


22 cards in a lovely, handmade, two part slipcase/folder constructed of heavy paper. The folder is tied shut by a piece of thin brown twine. There are also two blank cards (printed only on the backs) that serve as end papers of a sort. No LWB is included, but the Stolen Child Tarot "Field Guide" is available for free download as a PDF, and I have attached it to this entry.

Cards measure 11.7 cm tall x 7.9 cm wide. The dimension that the artist gives in the Etsy listing are inaccurate (she currently lists the card dimensions as 4.75 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide -- when I measured my copy, I found those dimensions to be off by noticeable amount).

The card stock is lightly textured and lightly flexible, and feels uncoated, but the Etsy listing notes that the cards have an "aqueous coating."

The card backs have a reversible, black and white design.

The card corners are square.

The cards are unnumbered and untitled.

This is a limited edition of 500 decks; my copy is # 171 and is signed by the artist.

I confess, this deck puzzles me. Or rather -- trying to fit this collection of artwork into tarot archetypes puzzles me.

These cards "read" to me simply as art. Not as tarot cards. Even with the cards kept in their original order, I find myself having to count to figure out which card is which. I had to look online to be certain.

I almost wish I hadn't bought this. The art is masterfully done, don't get me wrong. But the delicacy of the card stock and the packaging coupled with the lack of discernible "tarot" symbolism or suggestion means that what I have on my hands is something pretty but utterly unusable, unless I wanted to use it purely as an intuitive oracle.

I purchased my copy for $40.00 USD from the artist's Etsy shop in March 2013.


Knighton, Monica






22 cards






#161 of 500


Knighton, Monica, “Stolen Child Tarot,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed July 14, 2024,

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