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T: The New Tarot


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78 cards, packaged together in a 5 piece set. The deck itself is housed in its own two part, lidded cardboard box. The whole set, including the cards, is housed together in a long two part, lidded cardboard box.

The five parts of the set are:

-- The deck itself
-- A very large, full color fold-out
-- A LWB
-- A 150 page, soft cover companion book
-- An additional book, "G: The Royal Maze: Guide to the Game of Destiny," 60 pages, soft cover

The cards measure 11.8 cm tall x 7.7 cm wide.

The card stock is flexible, with a mostly matte finish. The backs are very smooth and slightly shinier than the fronts. The fronts have a very slight texture that you can't see, but can feel if you run your fingers over the cards.

The back design is non-reversible, though you'd have to be really looking at the corners to be aware of whether a card was upright or reversed when looking at the back.

Suits are Serpents (Wands), Pears (Cups), Blades (Swords), and Stones (Pentacles).

The minor arcana just pip cards (non-scenic).

All of the major arcana have been renamed. The major arcana are unnumbered.


Cooke, John
Sharp, Rosalind


Western Star Press, United States


1969 (I believe my copy was from the 1970 printing, however; also, one of the booklets mentions a "limited edition" printed in 1968. Tarot Garden has this deck listed as 1968.)


78 cards






Cooke, John and Sharp, Rosalind, “T: The New Tarot,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed June 23, 2024, https://tarot.zerosummer.org/items/show/266.

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