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Inner Child Cards


Fairy Tales
Children's stories


78 cards + a title card, packaged with a hardcover companion book in a cardboard slipcase. The cards themselves are housed in an oversized cardboard tuck box that fits inside the slipcase. There's no LWB, as the book more than serves the purpose.

The cards are quite large, measuring 15.8 cm tall x 9.9 cm wide.

The card stock is nicely flexible, with a shiny laminate coating. The deck was initially stuck together like a brick and it took some work to get all the cards apart. Since then, I've treated the deck with fanning powder, and now the cards slide nicely and no longer stick.

The backs are purple (or maybe royal blue? -- my eyes can't tell) with a yellow sun in the center, and are reversible.

Suits are Wands, Swords, Hearts (Cups), and Crystals (Pentacles/Coins). Courts are Child, Seeker, Guide, and Guardian.

The Major Arcana have all been renamed to represent various fairy tales. Card VIII (8) is Beauty and the Beast, which the companion book states is equivalent to the Strength card. Card XI (11) is The Midas Touch and is equivalent to Justice. The Fool card, Little Red Cap, is numbered 0.

The minors are fully scenic, very colorful, and extremely child-friendly. This deck would be a charming choice for use with younger children. The cards are sufficiently coated so as to survive minor spills and sticky hands, and they are large enough and bright enough for children to enjoy the art.

According to the price printed on the back of the set box, this set retailed for $32.95 USD.


Lerner, Isha, 1954-
Lerner, Mark, 1950-
Guilfoil, Christopher (artist)


Bear & Company Publishing, Santa Fe, New Mexico


1992 (c)


"Inner Child Cards: A Journey Into Fairy Tales, Myth, and Nature," by Isha and Mark Lerner, 293 pages, hard cover


78 cards








Lerner, Isha, 1954-, Lerner, Mark, 1950-, and Guilfoil, Christopher (artist), “Inner Child Cards,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed April 13, 2024,

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