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JK Waite Tarot
J.K. Waite Tarot
Waite J.K. Tarot


Golden Dawn


78 cards, plus two cards that, as far as I can tell, provide some instructions, a suggested spread, and brief card meanings.

The cards are housed in a tan cardboard tuck box that fits into a well in a larger blue cardboard folder. The folder also contains a pocket for housing the softcover companion book.

The blue folder then slides into an outer set box.

All the parts are pictured with this entry.

My set is from the 1989 reprint -- originally, the deck was published in 1975.

I am unsure if the name Tairiku Shobo is that of the deck's publisher, or the companion book's author, or of someone who was otherwise involved in the creation of publication of the deck. The artist's name is Seigan Nakajima.

Though nothing in the set names this the J.K. Waite tarot, that is nonetheless how it has come to be known and named amongst collectors.

On the set materials themselves, at least in English, the name is simply "Tarot: Book & Cards."

The deck is a RWS clone -- the art is a redrawn and re-colored version of the Rider-Waite-Smith.

Cards measure 11.8 cm tall x 7 cm wide.

The card backs are reversible.

The card stock is extremely flexible, with a smooth, matte finish.

The card titles are printed in English, and follow the RWS model. Likewise, the suits and courts and numbering of the major arcana are all in keeping with the RWS.

Personal note: I have two copies of this edition of the deck (I'd forgotten I had one, and then bought another). Only one copy is part of a complete set, though. My other copy is in a tan inner box, but without any of the other components of the set.


Nakajima, Seigan (artist)
Shobo, Tairiku




78 cards








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