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Color Your Tarot


Adult coloring


78 cards + a 64 page softcover companion book + a set of 10 colored pencils in a large format, 2-part lidded cardboard shelf box.

The cards measure 8.1 cm wide x 13 cm long.

The cardstock is literally like cardstock that you might use in an office; lightweight, relatively thin, and bright white. The cards are uncoated, so that the art can be colored in.

The card back design is reversible.

Justice is VIII and Strength is XI. The Fool is numbered 0.

Suits are Cups, Wands, Swords, and Pentacles. The court cards are Page, Knight, Queen, and King.

The minor arcana cards are just pips.

On a personal note, as someone who does a lot of coloring -- like, a LOT of coloring -- the line art of these cards is less than ideal, and the colored pencils included with the set are of poor quality.

Yes, it's a "gift shop" type of set, so there's no point in having high expectations. But this seems like a set designed solely to cash-in on the adult coloring craze that was growing at the time. In that respect, they clearly succeeded--I wouldn't have purchased this otherwise.

I'm having trouble finding a year of publication for this specific set; there's no date or copyright year on the set box. The publication information in the book lists a copyright of 2008, but that was for the original publication, and not specifically for the "Color Your Own" set.

According to listings on and, this set was published in 2015.


Dean, Liz (author)
Launay, Melissa (artist)


Sterling Innovation, New York




78 cards




Plain pips


ISBN 9781435162297



Dean, Liz (author) and Launay, Melissa (artist), “Color Your Tarot,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed July 23, 2024,

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