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Byzantine Empire--Art


78 cards + a 160 page softcover companion book in a 2-part, lidded cardboard shelf box.

The cards measure 7.6 cm wide x 13.2 cm long.

The card stock is somewhat flexible, but it doesn't bounce back right away -- in other words, it would be easily to accidentally bend or crease these cards. The cards have a glossy finish that is smooth on the card fronts and very slightly rough to the touch on the backs. My copy has never been used, but has a very slight warp.

The card backs aren't quite fully reversible, in that the border in one corner is a darker brown than the other corners. Interestingly, the darker brown corner is at the bottom right on backs of the major arcana, but in the upper left on the backs of minor arcana cards. Copyright information appears twice on the card backs, both upper right and lower left corners. The copyright year is 2015.

Some, though not all, of the major arcana have been renamed. Justice is VIII and Fortitude (Strength) is XI. The Holy Fool is numbered 0.

The suits are Swords, Staffs, Cups, and Coins. Swords are aligned with Fire and Staffs are aligned with Air. The court cards are Page, Knight, Countess, and Count.

The minor arcana cards are scenic in the RWS style, though with some variations in keeping with the theme.

On a personal note, this deck is more beautiful than I remembered, and the companion book is quite thoughtful and thorough. The only thing preventing this from being a good "working deck" is the card stock; I wish it felt more durable.


Conway, Cilla (artist)
Matthews, John (author)


Connections Book Publishing
Eddison Sadd Editions


© 2015


78 cards






ISBN 9781859063910



Conway, Cilla (artist) and Matthews, John (author), “Byzantine Tarot,” The Osborne Tarot Collection, accessed June 24, 2024,

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