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22 cards + a blank white card in a blue and white tuck box, wrapped inside a large red and white piece of cotton fabric.

The fabric was folded and tied very neatly in order to keep the deck snug, but it unfolds to form a reasonably sized reading…


22 cards + a multilingual LWB in a 3D printed plastic tuck box.

The cards are large, measuring 14.5 cm tall x 8 cm wide.

The cards are wonderfully flexible, with a 3D effect on the fronts and a glossy finish on the backs.

The backs are…

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22 cards + two informational cards. Unboxed. No title card or LWB included.

Cards measure 11 cm tall x 5.8 cm wide. The deck was released in two different sizes; mine is the smaller size. (According to Tarot Garden's listing, the larger size was…


22 cards in a lovely, handmade, two part slipcase/folder constructed of heavy paper. The folder is tied shut by a piece of thin brown twine. There are also two blank cards (printed only on the backs) that serve as end papers of a sort. No LWB is…


22 cards + a Schiffer logo card and a Schiffer advertising card, with a small softcover companion booklet, in a sturdy, flip top cardboard box with a magnetic closure..

Cards measure 11.4 cm tall x 7.3 cm wide.

Card backs are not quite…


22 cards in a snug-fitting, black fleece drawstring bag with a skull charm. No title card or LWB was included, but the deck did come with a small authenticity card, with the artist's signature (actually, initials) in silver ink. There was also a…


22 cards + a title card in a hand-painted wooden box with a hinged lid.

Cards measure about 12 cm tall x 7 cm wide, though the precise measurement varies slightly from card to card, as they are hand-cut with uneven edges.

No LWB was included,…


22 full color cards + a signed & numbered title card and a card with brief meanings that serves in place of a LWB. Housed in a hinged tin box with a see-through plastic window on top.

Cards measure 13.3 cm tall x 6.7 cm wide.

The backs are…

Oswald Wirth

22 cards + a signed and numbered title card, in a two-part, lidded, clear plastic box.

Cards measure 12 cm tall x 6.5 cm wide.

Card backs are plain white (and thus, of course, reversible).

The card stock is extremely flexible, with a…


22 cards with a spiral-bound guidebook, in a cardboard folder with a pocket inside the back cover that holds the cards snugly.

The cards are oversized, measuring 15.3 cm tall x 9.8 cm wide.

The backs are reversible.

The card stock is very…

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22 cards, accompanied by a 28 page explanatory booklet, in a red paper envelope.

The cards are oversized, measuring 17.1 cm tall x 11.4 cm wide (6.75 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide).

The backs have a reversible, black and white spiral…


22 cards (major arcana) plus a title card, and a signed and numbered informational card. Housed in a sturdy, gold, cardboard, 2 part lidded box with a ribbon inside to aid in lifting out the cards.

The Javanese Folktales tarot is number 20 in the…


22 cards, full color, major's only deck originally created for the created for the 2011 ConvergeSE conference. Does not come with an LWB, bag, or box. There is one extra, blank card. (Comes wrapped in clear plastic with some miscellaneous advertising…


22 cards in a cardboard tuck box. There is no title card or LWB. Nothing on the cards or on the box indicates the publisher or the year of publication -- I found the year of publication listed at Tarot Garden as well as at

Cards measure…


22 cards (majors-only) + an extra card explaining the meanings. My copy is # 16 out of a limited edition of 100.

No bag or box was included; the cards are housed in a clear plastic sleeve. The deck's number is written on the sleeve, not on the…