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78 cards packaged as part of a set, accompanied by a 160 page, softcover companion book. The deck and book are housed in a two-part, lidded cardboard box.

Cards measure 12 cm tall x 7.7 cm wide.

Card backs are reversible.

The card stock is…


78 cards. Packaged as a set with a 294 page soft cover companion book.

The book and deck are housed inside a large format cardboard set box. There's a smaller, plain white tuck box inside the larger box that is ostensibly for storing the cards,…

Plain pips

78 cards packaged in a black paper bag, accompanied by a small brown paper folder with inclusions (an artist-signed thank you card, a silver and black mini photographic print, and 3 spare cards -- the Sun, Chariot, and Moon). Did not come with an LWB…