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78 cards + a title card and an informational card, with a small, fold-out insert with information about the artist's other work. No box or LWB was included.

The deck came shrink-wrapped in a poor quality, undersized, stiff, purple drawstring bag,…


78 cards packaged as part of a set with a small, 87 page companion book, in a very sturdy, two part lidded cardboard set box.

The cards are larger than average, measuring 6 inches tall x 4 inches wide (15.2 cm tall x 10.2 cm wide).

Card backs…


22 cards plus a title card and a credits card (listing the models and photographers), wrapped in a piece of black and white checkerboard printed paper. No bag, no box, and no LWB.

Not numbered or signed.

Not dated, though I purchased it in…


78 cards plus a title card and a dedication card, in a 2 piece lidded cardboard box. No LWB.

The bottom of the box is signed and numbered. The title card is also signed and numbered, though the signature is unreadable, as the ink doesn't show up…


78 cards plus 2 advertising cards and a 96 page instructional booklet, in a sturdy cardboard hinged box with a magnetic closure.

Cards measure 11.9 cm tall x 7.3 cm wide.

The card stock is slightly flexible, with a glossy finish that it just a…


78 cards plus a title card and an informational card in a two piece, lidded cardboard box. No LWB.

Cards measure 13.3 cm tall x 8.6 cm wide.

The card stock is extremely flexible and has a matte finish.

The backs are reversible.



78 cards plus one card showing a special arrangement of the major arcana, in a standard cardboard tuck box. No LWB or title card is included.

I believe this came with a blue velveteen drawstring bag, in addition to the box, but if memory serves,…

Plain pips

78 cards plus two informational cards, packaged in a standard cardboard tuck box. Not accompanied by an LWB, though a URL is given for downloading a PDF version of the instructons ( are 12 cm tall x 7 cm wide. The card…

Plain pips

78 cards with a softcover companion book, packaged together as a set in a cardboard shelf box.

The cards are oversized, measuring 14 cm tall x 9.5 cm wide.

This is a photographic deck with a TdM influence in the majors, and minors that are…


78 cards in a somewhat flimsy cardboard tuck box, with a softcover companion book. Cards measure 12.1 cm tall x 7 cm wide. This is a black and white, scenic, photographic deck, with a matte finish and non-reversible backs. The "theme" is ordinary…


78 cards plus title card. My copy was purchased unboxed, with no LWB.

Slightly more square in shape than a typical deck, but only slightly.

Cards are 11.2 cm tall x 8 cm wide.

Card backs are reversible.

Strength is 8, Justice 11.



78 cards, fully scenic, packaged in a cardboard tuck box with no title card and no LWB. Standard sized.

Each suit has a different border color. Green for Pentacles, blue for Swords, purple for Cups, and pink for Wands. Majors have white…