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78 cards in a small blue drawstring pouch. This is a mini version of the Voyager tarot.

The cards are tiny, measuring 5.5 cm tall x 3.8 cm wide. (The photos shown here are actually larger than the cards themselves.)

The card stock is…


78 cards + LWB in a sub-par glossy white cardboard tuck box. The deck was self-published and there is no ISBN or URL anywhere on the cards, booklet, or box.

Cards measure 12.7 cm tall x 7.5 cm wide.

The card stock is marvelous -- a pleasure to…


78 cards with a softcover companion book, housed together in a cardboard slip-in style set box. No title card. No LWB.

Cards measure 13.9 cm tall x 9.5 cm wide.

Card backs are reversible. The card stock is slightly flexible -- a little thicker…


22 cards + a title card in a hand-painted wooden box with a hinged lid.

Cards measure about 12 cm tall x 7 cm wide, though the precise measurement varies slightly from card to card, as they are hand-cut with uneven edges.

No LWB was included,…


78 cards plus a LWB in a standard cardboard tuck box.

The cards are oversized, measuring 16.3 cm tall x 9 cm wide.

The card stock is flexible with a matte finish.

Card backs are non-reversible.

The minors, despite having Thoth titles, are…