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78 cards plus a title card and a Happy Squirrel card, with 2 green end papers. No box; mine is housed in a purple and gold drawstring bag. I cannot remember if the bag was complimentary with the deck, or if I purchased it separately.

Cards are…


78 cards plus a signed and numbered title card, packaged with a LWB in a highly unusual cardboard box. My copy was also accompanied by an ACEO sized extra card, signed by the artist (both sides of the card are pictured above).

Cards are 6.1 cm…


This particular deck is my significant other's personal copy of the "standard" Rider Waite deck from U.S. Games, with the 1971 copyright on the cards.

Cards are 12 cm tall x 7 cm wide.

We have no box and no title card or LWB with this copy. We…

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TdM and RWS

78 cards plus a title card and an advertising card. Packaged with a standard LWB in a standard cardboard tuck box.

Cards are 12 cm tall x 6.5 cm wide.

Card titles appear in 5 languages along the left borders.

Justice is 8 and Strength is…

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78 cards plus a hefty soft cover companion book, packaged and sold as a set in a large cardboard shelf box. No title card.

Inside the shelf box is a sheer, black organza drawstring bag for the cards, as well as an over-sized plain white box that…


78 cards + 2 title cards and a standard LWB, packaged in a standard cardboard tuck box.

Cards are 12 cm tall x 6.6. cm wide. Card stock is smoothly coated with a matte finish; typical Lo Scarabeo card stock and card size.

Card backs are a…

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78 cards plus a 224 page softcover companion book, packaged in a heavy cardboard set box with a magnetic closure. Available only as a set.

Cards are 12 cm tall x 7.6 cm wide.

Cards follow the RWS style, though they fall short of being fully…


78 cards with a small format, softcover book. Two extra advertising cards are included. Packaged in a sturdy, two piece cardboard lidded box.

Cards are slightly wider than a typical deck, but not oversized. Cards have a shiny, but not sticky,…

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78 cards with small format softcover book and two extra advertising cards.

Packaged in a high quality, heavy cardboard 2 piece lidded box.

Cards are oversized, but not enormous; those with large hands (like mine) can shuffle these without…

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78 cards plus title card. My copy was purchased unboxed, with no LWB.

Slightly more square in shape than a typical deck, but only slightly.

Cards are 11.2 cm tall x 8 cm wide.

Card backs are reversible.

Strength is 8, Justice 11.



78 cards, standard sized, fully scenic.

Packaged in a standard cardboard tuck box, with a standard LWB. Comes with a title card, and a card providing an introduction to the artist and the deck concept.

The card art consistently features…

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78 cards, fully scenic, packaged in a cardboard tuck box with no title card and no LWB. Standard sized.

Each suit has a different border color. Green for Pentacles, blue for Swords, purple for Cups, and pink for Wands. Majors have white…


78 cards, fully scenic. RWS clone. Card titles in Indonesian.

Cards are 10 cm tall x 6.5 cm wide.

My copy was purchased new, but with no LWB and no box. Likewise, there is no publication information or copyright on the cards themselves. There…


78 cards packaged as part of a set with a softcover book. The cards themselves are in their own cardboard tuck box, then the book and boxed deck are inside a slightly larger cardboard box, bearing the same images as the book cover.

Cards are 11.2…

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78 cards, packaged with softcover book in a large format cardboard box. Cards are fully scenic and largely follow the RWS system.

This deck was released first in an artist-published limited edition, but this entry is for the mass-market edition…