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78 cards + an informational card in Japanese and 1 blank card. It would have been in a box and with an accompanying book when new, but I bought my copy used from Tarot Garden during one of their reverse auctions in 2013.

Cards measure 11.5 cm tall…


22 cards + two informational cards. Unboxed. No title card or LWB included.

Cards measure 11 cm tall x 5.8 cm wide. The deck was released in two different sizes; mine is the smaller size. (According to Tarot Garden's listing, the larger size was…


41 cards + a blank card + a title card, with two very small, homemade booklets serving as LWBs (one covering the major arcana and the other covering the court cards of the minor arcana). No box or bag was included. I'm housing my copy in a padded…


78 cards, packaged together in a 5 piece set. The deck itself is housed in its own two part, lidded cardboard box. The whole set, including the cards, is housed together in a long two part, lidded cardboard box.

The five parts of the set…


42 cards, with two informational fold-outs, in a cardboard tuck box.

The deck consists of 22 major arcana, 16 court cards (4 for each suit), and 4 aces.

As stated in the entry for this deck on the Tarot Garden website:

"Promotional piece…


78 cards packaged as part of a set. The set includes a 168 page soft cover companion book, an inner tuck box for the cards, an LWB, a small spread cloth (plain black), and an outer two-part lidded set box made of very sturdy cardboard.

None of…