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78 cards, plus two cards that, as far as I can tell, provide some instructions, a suggested spread, and brief card meanings.

The cards are housed in a tan cardboard tuck box that fits into a well in a larger blue cardboard folder. The folder also…


22 cards (major arcana) plus a title card, and a signed and numbered informational card. Housed in a sturdy, gold, cardboard, 2 part lidded box with a ribbon inside to aid in lifting out the cards.

The Javanese Folktales tarot is number 20 in the…


78 cards plus a LWB in English and French. Packaged in a standard cardboard tuck box.

Came with a signed card from Roxanne Flornoy and 15 extra cards with plain backs that could be used as postcards.

Cards are oversized, measuring 13.2 cm tall…


22 cards, majors-only, self-published deck.

No LWB or title card or identifying information on the deck or on the packaging. Comes packaged in a cream colored paper envelope, tied with string, with a paper tag bearing a sticker that reads "Major…

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