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22 cards + a blank white card in a blue and white tuck box, wrapped inside a large red and white piece of cotton fabric.

The fabric was folded and tied very neatly in order to keep the deck snug, but it unfolds to form a reasonably sized reading…


26 cards + a signed, numbered title card with a LWB in a clear, plastic tuckbox.

Why 26 cards? The 22 majors are here, plus the 4 aces.

The cards are larger than average, measuring 15.2 cm x 10.2 cm.

The card stock is wonderfully flexible,…


78 cards + LWB in a sub-par glossy white cardboard tuck box. The deck was self-published and there is no ISBN or URL anywhere on the cards, booklet, or box.

Cards measure 12.7 cm tall x 7.5 cm wide.

The card stock is marvelous -- a pleasure to…


78 cards in a pretty cotton bag (shades of purple with metallic gold) with a yellow ribbon drawstring. There's no title card, nor is there anything on the cards themselves to identify the deck's name, artist, or year of publication.

Luckily the…


78 cards inside a handmade paper box that slips inside a paper sleeve. No instructions included.

The cards are quite small, measuring 5.4 cm tall x 3 cm wide.

The card stock is uncoated and thin -- it feels more like heavy paper than actual…


78 cards in a hand-painted black drawstring bag, accompanied by a self-published, 56 page softcover booklet with a red and black cover.

The cards are very large, measuring 15.1 cm tall x 10.2 cm wide, or about 6 in tall x 4 in wide.

The card…


78 cards + 2 informational cards. No box or LWB was included.

Cards measure 4.75 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide (12.7 cm tall x 6.8 cm wide).

The card backs are reversible.

The card stock feels a lot like playing card stock -- there's a…


22 cards in a lovely, handmade, two part slipcase/folder constructed of heavy paper. The folder is tied shut by a piece of thin brown twine. There are also two blank cards (printed only on the backs) that serve as end papers of a sort. No LWB is…


78 cards in a 2 part, lidded cardboard box. There's no title card and no LWB. My copy came with string tied around the box, 2 of the artist's business cards, and a handwritten, signed note from the artist (all pictured here).

The cards measure 5…

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78 cards with an informational insert in a plain, two part lidded cardboard box.

Cards measure 5 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide (12.7 cm tall x 8.9 cm wide).

The card stock is plain white and uncoated, and mildly flexible. The card corners are…

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22 cards in a snug-fitting, black fleece drawstring bag with a skull charm. No title card or LWB was included, but the deck did come with a small authenticity card, with the artist's signature (actually, initials) in silver ink. There was also a…


78 cards plus 2 extra cards (one with information about the deck, and the other containing a list of keyword meanings for the cards). No LWB, box, or bag included. In fact, the deck arrived without an invoice, in a very plain cardboard box that…


80 cards in a standard cardboard tuck box. Signed, numbered, and limited edition. My copy is #42 of 160.

No LWB was included, but the box states on one side that the companion book is available at

Cards measure 12 cm…


78 micro-mini card images on one uncut sheet. These are the same images as the TaRat, but in a smaller format. An instructional foldout sheet is included.

Charming and fun, and beautifully painted.