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83 cards plus a signed title card and a LWB, in a standard cardboard tuck box. The inside of the top flap of the box bears some kind of inscription -- it doesn't look like the signature on the title card, though. It might be a "thank you" note?…


78 cards with an instructional foldout in Chinese, in a double-pouch black velveteen case.

The cards are smaller than average, measuring 8.8 cm tall x 5.7 cm wide.

This deck was a promotional giveaway with copies of the Hong Kong edition of…


78 cards with an LWB in a standard cardboard tuck box. Also includes 2 extra advertising cards with other decks listed from the publisher's catalog, in multiple languages.

Cards are 13.4 cm tall x 7.5 cm wide.

Cards are fully scenic, and…