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78 cards in a flimsy cardboard tuck box. No title card. Serving as an LWB is a 6 page (3 letter-sized pieces of paper, printed in color, front & back, folded) handout that contains background information, advice for using the cards, and card…


78 cards + a title card and an advertising card, with a multi-lingual LWB in a standard cardboard tuck box.

Cards measure 12 cm tall x 6.6 cm wide.

Backs are reversible.

The card stock is flexible, with a very smooth, matte finish.…


22 cards in an unfinished purple iridescent bag. No title card or LWB.

Cards measure 10 cm tall x 6.5 cm wide.

The card stock is very flexible and laminated on both sides.

Card backs are purple with a field of white stars, and are…


79 cards (there are 2 versions of the Fool), a title card, an informational card, and a curious assortment of extra cards in a standard cardboard tuck box. No LWB is included.

The extra cards consist of 5 cards that seem to be providing extra…


78 cards plus a small foldout sheet of card meanings and a much larger foldout sheet with a Celtic Cross chart. Cards measure 10.5 cm tall x 6.2 cm wide. The card stock is flexible, with a matte finish, and feels a little bit flimsy. Card backs…


78 round cards, plus a title card, informational card, and LWB in a standard cardboard tuck box, with an extra inner cardboard sleeve for the cards.

The cards are large, measuring 11.6 cm (4.5 inches) in diameter.

The card stock is flexible and…


22 majors plus a title card and an informational card, accompanied by a foldout instructional sheet, housed in a sheer yellow organza drawstring bag.

Cards are about poker sized, measuring 8.5 cm tall x 6 cm wide.

The cards have square corners,…


23 cards (22 majors and a Muse card) plus a signed and numbered title card. My copy is number 9 of a limited edition of 100 copies. Accompanied by an oversized, 51 page LWB.

Cards are oversized, measuring 14 cm tall x 9 cm wide.

The cards came…


78 cards, mass market, standard size. Includes two cards with blank fronts. Accompanied by a standard LWB.