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78 cards in a small blue drawstring pouch. This is a mini version of the Voyager tarot.

The cards are tiny, measuring 5.5 cm tall x 3.8 cm wide. (The photos shown here are actually larger than the cards themselves.)

The card stock is…


78 cards in a flimsy cardboard tuck box. No LWB or title card included.

The cards are roughly playing-card sized, measuring 3.5 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide (8.8 cm tall x 6.8 cm wide).

The card stock is mildly flexible, with a somewhat smooth…


78 cards plus 2 extra cards (one with information about the deck, and the other containing a list of keyword meanings for the cards). No LWB, box, or bag included. In fact, the deck arrived without an invoice, in a very plain cardboard box that…


22 major arcana, a title card, and 10 informational and explicative cards (serving the purpose of a LWB). Housed in a 2 piece, lidded, clear plastic case (such as the type playing cards come in).

The cards are about playing card sized, measuring…


22 cards plus a title card and a credits card (listing the models and photographers), wrapped in a piece of black and white checkerboard printed paper. No bag, no box, and no LWB.

Not numbered or signed.

Not dated, though I purchased it in…


22 majors plus a signed and numbered title card, and a card with one-line card meanings. The cards are housed inside a black drawstring bag, within a 2 piece, white, lidded cardboard box, with an ink drawing on the lid along with the artist's…


79 cards (78 + the Danse Macabre card), with a signed and numbered title card and a LWB, in a standard cardboard tuck box.

My copy is number 123 out of a limited edition of 500 copies.

The cards measure 12.9 cm tall x 7.9 cm wide (5 inches tall…


79 cards (78 + Hermes), plus a title card and a 200 page companion book. No LWB and no box for the cards -- the book and deck came packaged together in a large set box.

Cards measure 12.9 cm tall x 7.9 cm wide (5 inches tall x 3 inches…


78 cards plus a title card, informational card, and a LWB in a standard cardboard tuck box.

The cards are smaller than average, measuring 10 cm tall x 6 cm wide.

The card stock is slightly flexible and has a smooth, matte finish.

Backs are…

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Majors-only, limited and numbered edition deck, including 2 extra cards (a hand-numbered title card, and a descriptive card).

Cards are 12.8 cm tall x 8.4 cm wide.

Hand-produced by the artist; heavily laminated on both sides. Square…


44 cards plus 2 extra cards - a title card and a card with the deck's # and the artists initials. Packaged in a beautiful book-binder style box with a ribbon tie. No LWB or booklet included.

Cards are 12.2 cm tall x 7.3 cm wide.

This is…


78 cards plus title card. My copy was purchased unboxed, with no LWB.

Slightly more square in shape than a typical deck, but only slightly.

Cards are 11.2 cm tall x 8 cm wide.

Card backs are reversible.

Strength is 8, Justice 11.