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78 cards plus 5 additional tree/animal cards, packaged in a standard cardboard tuck box and accompanied by a large format softcover book. (I can't recall -- I may have paid extra for the book.)

Cards are 12 cm tall x 8.5 cm wide.

Suits are…


Full color, 22 cards, majors-only deck. Small format -- about playing card sized. Anime style art.

Cards are 9.3 cm tall x 5.8 cm wide.

No LWB, but comes with full-color fold out sheet with instructions and card descriptions in German.…


Full color, 78 cards, available only as a set with a softcover book in a large-format box. Some non-traditional titles, but overall RWS format.

Associations with the Harry Potter books are obvious; the "storyline" of the deck is that of a school…

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